Monster dog (our new indie comic) on PATREON

Savage Spots has decided to put our new comic 'Monster Dog'¬†¬†On PATREEONN or Patreon ūüôā If you don't know what Patreon is, to summarize, its sort of an on going Kickstarter that helps independent artists like ourselves fund our personal work. If you're interested in knowing more,¬†Patreon has made¬†a nice little descriptive video,¬†which we have posted below, to help explain! So in a nutshell we give you our comic for free, if you like it, like us, want to help keep Monster Dog going, you can become our Patron and help us out by donating. And by donating we don't mean a large sum, it can be whatever you want. Our patreon account charges only when we post a new page, so because we post 2 pages a month, and say you decided to donate 50 cents a page, that's a dollar a month, 12 dollars a year, that kind of thing.¬†But of course, for those who want to donate more, to sweeten the pot, we are offering¬†up a little¬†something more in¬†return. Patreon rewards